A Christmas Greeting

There are so many things I love about this time of year. One is definitely getting Christmas cards from all our friends and family in the mail. It's always exciting to get something other than bills and advertisements in the mail, and seeing updated photos of everyone is so special! Everything is so digital these days, but seeing all of the cards strung up in our house makes me so happy! I hope it's a tradition that continues for years to come.

And because I can't send a Christmas card to everyone I know and love... here's a digital card from our family to yours! Merry Christmas!

This year as we snuggle up with our newborn (who is getting bigger by the minute!), we look back to that first Christmas 2000 years ago, when Mary & Joseph held the Christ-child and the angels sang of his coming redemption. If there was ever a year when our hearts yearned for the final fulfillment of the promise, "Peace on earth", it is surely this one.