10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. I think I'm an ambivert. Or at least being married to another introvert has made me the social one. Sort of. I just heard the term recently and it seems to fit, because while I would never describe myself as an extrovert, not all of the descriptions of an introvert fit me. And since going full time with CGP and being home by myself all day, I find myself craving interactions with people. But I definitely prefer one on one interactions to large groups and will draw back and be shy in large group situations. (Except for parts of the wedding day like family formals when it's my job to be in control.)

2. I'm klutzy. I'm always bumping into doorways with my hip because I misjudge the distance. And we got the rounded edge counter-tops for a reason. I hit the island all the time. In fact, I probably shouldn't text and walk.

3. I love watching historical movies... mostly for the costumes. I love costumes so much, I even took a class on the History of Apparel in college.

4. I'm really attached to the oxford comma. I don't want to let it go.

5. My favorite food group is cheese. No joke. I could eat it all day every day. And I honestly think I could live without ice cream, chocolate, and burgers if I could still have cheese. Not that I'm signing myself up for that anytime soon!

6. I've never seen the movie Titanic. And since I already know the plot, I don't really care to.

7. I still enjoy the occasional mocha but I converted to drinking tea over a year ago. I figured if I was going to drink something every morning, I should pick something that doesn't stain my teeth, takes less time to make, and doesn't contain caffeine. (Although I do drink chai and other black teas occasionally.) And since I add less than a spoonful of sugar, it's much healthier for me than drinking coffee, since I usually take more creamer than coffee.

8. I learned how to sew in Jr High and have made a variety of things over the years, including a few pieces of clothing. But mostly I stick to stuff with straight lines: curtains, pillows, maxi skirts, and pant hems. Always pant hems.

9. I have over 30 pairs of shoes, but I really only wear 9 of them: black sandals, silver sandals, black ballet flats, silver ballet flats, black flats, nude heels, black boots, tan boots, and polka dot sneakers. (7 any given season if you consider that I give up the 2 pairs of boots for the 2 pairs of sandals.) Sounds like it's time to clear out the closet.

10.  I have a three inch scar on my arm. Since I wear long sleeves for most of the winter and it's on the underside of my arm, some people go months or even years without noticing it. And when they finally do, they're always really concerned that I burned myself recently. It makes me smile.


In other news, tax season is over this week, so I officially get my husband back on Wednesday!

Photo credit: Judith, Fresh Look Photography

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