Lindsay & Neil - A William & Mary Engagement Session

They stood together at the peak of Old Rag Mountain looking out over the Blue Ridge Parkway, hand in hand. The way the mountains melted into the horizon was mesmerizing, but Neil couldn't help thinking back to an entirely different trip with Lindsay.

Six years ago. They were just teenagers then. Shoulder to shoulder on a train in Chicago. Heads leaned in together as they shared earbuds, each bump and rock of the train bringing them a little closer. A bystander would have thought it was an insignificant moment, but to Neil and Lindsay, it was the start of their love.

Neil tried to collect his thoughts. The past six years had been the best of his entire life. They had changed so much since that first day. But they had changed together. He was her security and she was his comfort. Together was the only place he wanted to be.

And when he knelt down on that rocky overlook and he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him, the smile on her face and the brightness in her eyes was even more beautiful to him than all the mountains that surrounded them.


Neil grew up in Williamsburg, so he wanted to visit some of his favorite spots around William and Mary campus for their engagement session. And since I don't spend nearly enough time in Williamsburg for my history-loving heart, I was quick to agree!

Can we talk about this ring for a second?!?!?! I don't think I've ever seen an engagement ring with a black diamond before, but I love it! It's so unique and modern and quirky and yet still very classic at the same time!

I've had a lot of engagement sessions over the past couple of weeks and I've enjoyed seeing and shooting each ring. They've all been so different! And one comment I've gotten from my brides over and over this year is how well their rings match their personalities! So great job #cgpguys for putting so much careful thought into your ring selection!

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