WPPI: Sightseeing in Vegas

Since I don't expect to make the trip to WPPI every year, I really wanted to use my free time this year to see the sights. So after my classes were over and I had explored the expo, I took a taxi down the strip to see some of the hotels. And since I hadn't had the opportunity to photograph anything all week, I took along my big camera and pulled it out at a few different spots.

The Bellagio fountains were definitely at the top of my list to see, and it sure was beautiful! But the peek I got of the fountain show at night was even prettier, so I'd recommend going after dark for a more magical show.

I was most excited about the Venetian hotel, but to be honest I was a little disappointed with the size of the outdoor canal. It's basically a gondola ride to nowhere. I guess I should have expected that with the limited outdoor space most of these hotels have, but it still surprised me. The indoor gondolas were much cooler and I loved that it was on the second floor! I definitely got lost in there though. That was one winding hotel! And I really loved all the architectural details both indoors and out.

The pool area of Caesar's Palace was pretty incredible and an accidental find as I wandered around. Very grand!

And of course, my little "European" adventure couldn't have skipped a visit to the Paris hotel. I didn't have time to visit the top of the Eiffel Tower, but I strolled through the Parisian town they have indoors and stopped for a pre-dinner dessert at one of their multiple bakeries. And their lobby screams Versailles! If it hadn't been filled with so many people, I definitely would have pulled out my camera for a picture!

Vegas is certainly no Europe, but it was a good temporary substitute. In spite of the fact that there are flashy displays and brightly lit signs all around, I appreciated the architectural details and European nuances of each hotel.

On the list for the next trip to Vegas: the Eiffel Tower observation deck, visiting the Grand Canyon and the desert, and a vow renewal with Elvis.