10 Things I Love About Spring

With all the snow we got in February, it was starting to seem like winter was never going to end. So when I got back from the desert last week, I assumed that winter would still have us in her clutches. What a happy surprise to find out that spring is here and to see the first peeks of our flowers poking up from the ground!

In celebration of that... here are 10 things I love about spring:

1. Putting away my coat - No more bundling up just to go to the gym!

2. Enjoying cardigan weather - I've mentioned before that I'm a cardigan kind of girl. It's the perfect accessory to any outfit and I own at least 16 (yes, I counted). And 3 of those are purple. So I always enjoy this wonderful in-between weather when there's still a nip in the air and you can layer without sweating. And let's be real, I'll probably be stretching my short sleeve cardigans well into summer until it's absolutely too hot to layer.

3. Engagement session season - A lot of my brides book after the peak of fall is over, so that means that spring is slam packed with engagement sessions. And as a happy side effect of that, there will be lots of beautiful sessions here on the blog!

4. The symbolism of new life - Spring is a time of refreshing and starting new. New life comes out of the death of winter.

5. Easter - The ultimate new beginning!

6. Everything is in bloom - Everything that looked so sparse and dead in winter is bright and colorful again!

7. Another attempt at gardening - I might not have much of a green thumb, but I enjoy the attempt.

8. Fresh fruits and vegetables - Even if someone else grows them! Having fresh seasonal food to choose from makes cooking more interesting and more flavorful.

9. The beach - Spring means I can venture back to the beach without having to bundle up too much. I might not be sticking my toes in the water for another few months, but walking on the beach looking for shells is good enough for me.

10. Birthday time - There are only 10 days between Ryan's birthday and my birthday, so it's fun to stretch out the fun and celebration. And since two of our closest friends have birthdays close by, we have big plans to celebrate our month of birthdays together this year!