The Engagement Session: What Happens if it Rains?

Rain on the day of the engagement session isn't anyone's first choice, but there are several options if the weather report is calling for rain.

1. Reschedule - Rescheduling a rainy engagement session day is the obvious choice for most people. We pick a new date and we try again. Rescheduling might not be an option for couples with difficult or conflicting work schedules, sessions that require taking the day off of work, and situations where one or both people are traveling in from out of town.

2. Chance it - If it's not supposed to rain all day or the area we'll be shooting in has some covered spaces, it might be worth it to keep to our scheduled date. (Like Anne Marie and Myles' engagement session!) I love shooting on cloudy days, so we're usually risking some chance of rain. But it's so worth it to have that soft moody light! If it starts to rain a bit, we can always step under the covered areas and wait for a bit. 

3. Embrace it - Don't mind a little rain in your engagement pictures? This is the perfect time to get a little more creative! (Like we did for Dana and Mark's engagement session!) An umbrella is always a good option. We can also shoot under the cover of trees to keep the rain drops to a minimum. Or we can go full-out Notebook kissing in the rain! I have to keep the camera dry, but other than that, there aren't any boundaries!


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