The Engagement Session: What Happens if it Rains?

Esession rain.jpg

Rain on the day of the engagement session isn't anyone's first choice. But we don't automatically have to reschedule. Here are our options if the weather report is calling for rain.

1. Reschedule - Rescheduling a rainy engagement session day is the obvious choice for most people. We pick a new date and we try again. Rescheduling might not be an option for couples with difficult or conflicting work schedules, sessions that require taking the day off of work, and situations where one or both people are traveling in from out of town. Ladies who are paying for professional hair and makeup might prefer to reschedule.

2. Chance it - If the forecast is calling for scattered showers, it might be worth it to keep to our scheduled date. I have adorable clear umbrellas that we can use. And some of my favorite locations have covered areas we can use while it's raining or somewhere we can seek shelter and wait it out.

In fact, I don't even have any good rainy engagement session photos to share from the last couple of years! Any time we've gone ahead with the session when the forecast called for rain, we've ended up with beautiful evenings! You would never know from the photos that it sprinkled a little here or there!


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