What Not to Wear for Engagement Photos

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There are lots of ideas all over Pinterest and wedding blogs about what to wear for your engagement session, but nobody seems to tell you what not to wear. And trust me, there are plenty of not so great outfit options for your engagement session. Here are a few:

- Skinny Stiletto Heels. Don't get me wrong. I think you should wear heels. But most locations involve a bit of walking on grass or gravel, so I recommend bringing a second pair of shoes if your heels are hard to walk in.

- Ripped jeans. Unless you're going to dress them up a lot, it's probably best to stay away from anything that looks like gardening clothes.

- Screenprinted t-shirts. Shirts with words on them are generally discouraged, because they're very casual and can be distracting. Unless you can rock a gold foil tshirt and sequin skirt.

- Other very casual pieces. Casual outfits should still look date-night ready, so it's best to avoid plain tank tops, cargo shorts, and other really casual pieces.

- Shoes that don't match your outfit. Your feet will be in the photos, so keep in mind the overall look. It might sound obvious, but it's easy to forget, especially when you're planning two outfits.

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- Large prints and tiny prints. Tiny prints (dime-sized or smaller) look muddled to the camera and very large prints are too distracting. Horizontal stripes are also something to be careful about.

- Bright red and neon colors. Really bright colors can wash out your skin tone. They can also reflect color onto your skin, which is very difficult to edit.

- Clothing that doesn't fit properly. Avoid clothing that is too tight or too baggy. Either way, it's unflattering and you won't be happy with the way you look. No matter how cute the outfit is, if you have to keep adjusting it or it sits in an unflattering way, you won't like how it looks in photographs.

- Something that clashes or blends in to your location. It's probably best to avoid green if you'll be at a park with lots of greenery. If we're shooting in a very colorful location, it would be best to avoid patterns. You want to match the style and color scheme of your outfit with the location. 

- Only one outfit on a hot summer day. Sweat happens. And with unpredictable Hampton Roads weather, it's always best to plan for a change of clothes, because sweat spots can't be edited out. Really hot days would call for a 3rd outfit. On the changing note, not every session location has a nearby bathroom so often times changing in the car is the only available option. Wearing a tank top and biker shorts can make changing modestly much easier.


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