No Musings Today!

Hey there! Happy Monday everyone! There's no Monday Musings post for today, because I'll be out of the office all day today and I totally dropped the ball on pre-blogging today's post last week! It wasn't even on my to do list!

But that is ok, because we should have a very special post on Thursday... let me clarify for those thinking about baby booties already... we should have a very special FEATURE to post about on Thursday.

And Wednesday there will be a cute little anniversary session on the blog as well as an explanation of why I'm photographing a couple less than 2 months from their wedding day. (And nobody is pregnant, ya'll. Stop thinking that!)

So that's what's coming up next! Today I'm spending the day on a mini retreat with a handful of other wedding professionals. On the agenda: evaluating, thinking about, and praying over our businesses. I have a list of things I want to work on and I'm excited that the computer and constant notifications from my phone (thank you very much, Periscope and Bridal Fashion Week) won't be a problem today!

See ya'll back here on Wednesday!