Natasha & Dwayne: Pleasure House Point Engagement Session

Natasha and Dwayne met at a restaurant two days before Natasha's birthday, so every year, they planned something special for her birthday and to celebrate another year together. This year, they hopped on a plane headed for Miami.

Natasha knew a proposal was coming at some point and expected it to happen on their trip. After all, Miami was one of their favorite places. But Dwayne knows Natasha inside and out and he knew the only way he could surprise her would be proposing before they landed. So with the help of the flight attendants and the ladies sitting behind them who filmed the whole thing, he brought Natasha up to the front of the plane. He took the loud speaker from the flight attendant, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him. It was June 11, two days before Natasha's birthday, the anniversary of the day they first met.

Could a single day of the year get any better? Next year, it will. Because on that same day in front of family and friends, Natasha and Dwayne will promise to spend every June 11, and every single day they have left in this life, loving and serving each other.

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