A CGP Project: Norfolk Botanical Gardens Anniversary Session

You might recognize these sweethearts from their Norfolk Botanical Gardens wedding a few weeks ago. So how does a couple who's only been married 6 weeks end up at an anniversary session with me? 

Ryan and I are working on a fun new project for CGP, a behind the scenes video. We set up this session with Rachel and Tyler specifically to film it, because we knew it would be much more segmented than a regular session. We didn't get to do an engagement session together but Rachel & Tyler did great with posing on the wedding day, so I knew they would do well on film too! And you know I'm going to take every opportunity I get to photograph at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens! It's pretty much my favorite place in the world right now. 

Since we were trying to get footage of me photographing the session as well as the couple interacting, we had to think about where we should all stand and how the light is hitting all of us. I also had to try not to be awkward or look at the camera! And on top of all of that, although I was directing the couple, the goal end product was the video footage Ryan was taking, so he was really the one in charge of what we were doing at any given point. That was a fun challenge for me! 

So some of the photos I took during the session looked like this:

I took a whole series of photos with Ryan in the background like this so he could film me directing and photographing! It felt so weird! And then as soon as he was done, I had to repeat the entire thing, so I could get photos that he wasn't in!

In spite of all the craziness that was going on, the session was beautiful and I'm so excited to share my favorites today! (The video is coming soon! I promise!)

Such prettiness! It makes me so excited for all the engagement sessions coming up for next year's CGP brides & grooms! I only have 1 more weekend left in June, but plenty other 2016 dates available! Drop me a line here to see if CGP is the right choice for you!