Off Season: Check In

Over the last 3 months, I've consciously scaled back the number of hours I spend in the CGP office every week so that I can take some extra time to relax. But I also started this season with a very long list of things to do, so I've been trying to plow through those.

Here are some of the things I've accomplished since November:
-Evaluated my business, website, portfolio, and 2014 goals
-Set new goals for 2015
-Photographed fall engagement sessions and a family Christmas session
-Finalized and ordered 2014 client albums
-Sent 2014 client Christmas gifts
-Finalized 2015 client consultation gifts
-Took 2 weeks off for Christmas (that was a feat all by itself!)
-Selected favorite images from 2014 to update galleries and my consultation slideshow
-Updated documents to 2015 pricing and information
-Refreshed some old blog posts
-Learned Quickbooks (well, not the whole thing, but a few important parts!)

My first wedding of the year is April 4, so I have two more months of "slow season." Here's what I'm hoping to get done by then:
-Tweak a few more little things for the blog and my SEO strategy
-Interview other wedding professionals for a new blog series
-Update client questionnaires
-Reorganize some of my files and documents so they're easier to find
-Design, print, and purchase collateral material for CGP (note cards, ribbon, packaging, client gifts, etc)
-Photograph CGP branding elements
-Speed up editing process by learning more shortcuts
-Attend the WPPI conference and integrate what I learn into my business
-Continue (and hopefully finish) decorating my office

And obviously I'm still blogging and looking to connect with photographers and other industry professionals as well as meeting with and booking new brides. That goes on year round!