The Canvas Collection

The canvas collection is one of my favorite products for weddings and portrait clients. Ryan and I have a collection of four images from our anniversary session hanging in our living room and it makes me smile to see them every day.

I prefer canvases over framed prints, because they're so much simpler! I love the clean, modern look. There's no mat or frame to distract you. It's just the image. And canvases come ready to hang, so all you need is a hammer, a few nails, and a level and they're up on your wall! And my canvases come with a closed back which helps keep them protected from stretching or puncture. 

Canvases can be hung just about anywhere! They'd look great over the bed, on the dining room wall, over the living room couch, or above a long dresser. A single canvas would also look great hanging over the mantel.

Choosing canvases for your home might sound overwhelming, but that's why I do ordering sessions at my office! I help you narrow down your favorite images and choose the arrangement that works best for you. Canvas sizes can be mixed and matched and moved around until we have the perfect arrangement for your space.

See how the image wraps around the corner on these canvases? That's what makes them look so clean and modern! They look like they're floating on your wall.

Canvases can be purchased individually or as part of a wall collection. So take a look around the house before your next session and see what wall space you would like to fill with beautiful images!

Have a question about canvases? Want to hear more about a session or wedding with Caitlin Gerres Photography? Contact me here! I'd love to chat with you!