Valentine's Day Date Nights


I haven't blogged a date night series for a while, but Valentine's Day seemed like the best time to pick that back up again. I love going out to eat. Not having to cook for a night is definitely my idea of a great date night, but Valentine's Day is definitely not the day I want to do that. Especially when it falls on a Saturday.

So here are 10 fun Valentine's Day date ideas:

1. Make an ombre layer cake. I've been wanting to do this for a while and planned to for our housewarming party, but I had the cakes in the oven before I remembered to dye the individual layers. Oops!

2. Get takeout. It's the only win-win here. You don't have to cook, but you also don't have to wait for a table. (This is a great time to hit up that new local restaurant. They probably won't be packed out like bigger chains.)

3. Have a double feature night. One movie for you, one movie for him. Popcorn, soda, and candy is required. Bonus points if you push your couches together to make a bed. Trust me, it's super comfy!

4. Buy the $20 box of chocolates to share. It's way better than several cheaper boxes, because the bigger the box, the better the variety. And those orange chocolates are no good, so you want as few of them as possible!

5. Decorate the house. Two ideas I love are these conversation hearts and a heart garland.

6. Make heart shaped food. Brownies, eggs, cheese, hamburgers... just about anything can be made into a heart shape with a cookie cutter or a little creativity. Let Pinterest help you out with this one.

7. Hit up a photo booth. Whether you pop in a mall photo booth or set up a self-timer, dress in your Valentine's best and have fun with some props! 

8. Shop for cheesy valentines. Whether you buy a box of kiddie valentines and leave them in fun places for each other to find or find corny mushy sayings for every food item from chips to fruit, embrace all things corny and see if it doesn't make you smile. 

9. Have a fight. Never got to smash cake in each other's faces but always wanted to? Always wanted to play with nerf guns in the house? Why not?

10. Go on a coffee date. These Valentine's coffee cup wrappers will even make it festive.

I hope these Valentine's Day ideas make next weekend a little more special for you! Ryan and I are actually going to do at least 3 of these! Any guesses which ones?