Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Father's Day Weekend

- Our little yellow house welcomed its first out of town house guests! We enjoyed a short 24 hours together before they had to be on their way. And then I realized that we didn't take any photographs together. Oops!

- I think I've learned once and for all that you cannot make pie dough with sticks of vegetable oil spread or whatever it is that I've been buying. Let's just say it was a gooey mess.

- We marked the first thing off of our summer bucket list this weekend - grilling a kabob dinner. It was soooo good! I don't think it will be our last of the summer!

- After transplanting a few asters from my mother-in-law's garden, our front flower bed is finally starting to take shape. Flowers everywhere!

- Thanks to an accidentally extra large pizza order, Father's Day, and our deep love of Moes, I haven't had to cook dinner since Thursday and we're having leftovers tonight too! I could get used to this!

- I think a first look with dad is just about the cutest thing! I have another one with next weekend's wedding and I can't wait!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend filled with love and laughter!