DIY Feature on Tidewater and Tulle

I consider myself a baker and I love making desserts and other goodies. But I never claimed to make pretty food. And I have the hashtags to prove it: #myfoodisntprettybutittastesgood and #rusticiscodefornotuptomyocdstandards.

So when Chelsea at Tidewater and Tulle asked me if I would make and shoot this month's DIY feature, herb lollipops, I was a little nervous that they wouldn't turn out pretty enough to photograph.

And I won't lie and tell you that all of them turned out pretty enough to photograph, but that's what happens when you don't follow directions and try to cut corners. You can't freestyle candy-making.

Anyway, head over to Tidewater and Tulle to see the pretty feature and leave Chelsea and her team some love!