Happy Anniversary, Jordan & Paige!

I can't believe it's already been a year! In celebration of Jordan & Paige's first wedding anniversary, I asked Paige to share a few of their favorite images from the wedding day and why they treasure them so much.

Paige had a really hard time narrowing down her favorites, and I can totally understand! It's a hard question! And the walls of her home are proof. Her wedding photos are everywhere!

Here's what she had to say.... 

I love this first picture, because it shows our excitement that the day had finally come!

Caitlin, you could not have captured a more special moment to me and my family. This was the first wedding in the family since my grandfather's death. The first wedding my grandmother ever had to attend alone. I am so glad you captured this moment of my brother making sure my grandmother wasn't alone on such a special day. When I showed her this picture, she smiled and said that she could feel Pop there with her in my brother. This picture is so dear to me because of that.

Wow. That is why I do what I do.

My dad and I have such a close relationship. I may look and talk like my mom, but my personality, integrity, and odd sense of humor are definitely because of my dad. I was forever be his "impledimp."

As for my favorite of Jordan and I, it's so hard to pick a favorite. I love this one! We were finally married and celebrating!

My favorite part of the day was the ceremony itself. The quartet was amazing. The ceremony space, albeit last minute, was beautiful and intimate. I loved walking down the aisle. I loved that our pastor, Rusty, made a Lord of the Rings joke before he began. And I absolutely adored saying "I do" to my best friend!

Happy anniversary, you guys! May the next 99 years be even sweeter!