Off Season: It's Finally Here!

Off season... it's such a beautiful thing for those in the wedding industry. And it's finally here! Those in warmer climates have their slow season in the summer when it's way too hot for a wedding. But for most of the country, wedding slow season is from November to March.

But as any small business owner knows... off season never really means that you stop working. You might stop shooting for a little while, but you're still clocking a lot of hours in front of the computer. So while I will be trying to slow down a bit this time of year and not work quite as many hours, I definitely still have a long to do list. Here are a few of the biggest things I want to accomplish this off season:

  1. Design, print, and purchase collateral material for CGP (note cards, ribbon, packaging, client gifts, etc)
  2. Photograph CGP branding elements
  3. Evaluate my business, website, portfolio, and 2014 goals
  4. Set new goals for 2015
  5. Study social media techniques
  6. Research SEO and make appropriate website and blog changes
  7. Speed up editing process by learning more shortcuts
  8. Continue blogging
  9. Attend an educational photography conference
  10. Connect with other photographers and local wedding professionals
  11. Organize files and my office
  12. Continue (and hopefully finish) decorating my office
  13. Meet with and book 2015 brides
  14. Photograph fall engagement sessions and a few family Christmas sessions
  15. Finalize and order 2014 client albums