Sunshine & Raindrops - Cinnamon Crunch, Canvases, & Church Friends

Some recent sunshine:

- Spending several hours with new and old friends over the weekend. A couple of different church and small group activities all landed on the same weekend and I couldn't have been happier to spend so much time getting to know these people better.

- Cinnamon crunch bagels from Panera are like the best things ever! I think they might even be tastier than the cinnamon crunch scones!

- Working on a pretty little sewing project. Another maxi skirt will soon be joining my collection.

- Getting some beautiful canvases ordered for my office! I absolutely love the canvas wall grouping we got for our living room last year, so I'm super excited to do something similar in my office!

- Second shooting for a friend again this weekend. It was a welcome addition to the 2014 wedding calendar.


A couple raindrops:

- Being mistaken for high schoolers. It happened to both Ryan and I on separate occasions this week. It never ends.

- Spending 45 minutes wandering around the fabric store when they don't have the knit fabric I had envisioned. It took a little extra thinking, but I ended up with something I liked even better!


And thanks to my friend Donna for the behind the scenes shot of me from my recent Shamrock Bridal Shower stylized shoot!