Sunshine & Raindrops: Costumes, Caramel Corn, and Too Much Chocolate!

The Sunshine:

- Friday's wedding vendor lunch was a blast! I realized how hard it is to recognize people you've only met a couple times when everyone is in costume!

- I learned that pale sparkly eye shadow photographs horribly!

- I also learned that some men have no concept of what a costume looks like. The little girls out trick or treating knew what I was right away, but the guy at the Krispie Kreme had no idea I was in costume. 

- We crossed off another fall bucket list item: homemade caramel corn! So yummy but it gets all in your teeth!

- Sunday Ryan had to work all day, so I went out for a oh-so-yummy brunch with 3 of the girls from my small group. The eggs benedict was INCREDIBLE! I wish I could eat it every morning!

- I absolutely loved my costume this year and had a blast making it! But I'm even more excited that the skirt is totally rewearable! As soon as the trick or treating was over, I plopped down on the couch and let out the seam that created the mermaid effect and presto! A beautiful maxi skirt that's perfect for fall! Now to find something to do with the tulle from the underskirt!

- This shell headband is seriously my new favorite accessory! I'm so bummed that it's fall, because it just doesn't seem appropriate for cold weather.

Caitlin's Mermaid Costume-2_DSK.jpg

The Raindrops:

- I love costumes and there are simply not enough reasons to wear one. I think it's time to create some new costume holidays!

- As cute as my shell ring was, the cheapo plastic ring I glued the shell too was not comfortable to wear and it kept falling off! Definitely not practical for everyday use!

- I may not have eaten a lot for dinner on Halloween since I had such a big late lunch. And I may have consumed more chocolate than the average trick-or-treator. And I may have gotten a stomachache from all the sugar. And that may have made me feel like a bad adult.