Learning to Love Flash ~ Justin & Mary's Lighting Intensive

Three weeks ago, I was in Richmond attending a lighting workshop with the amazingly talented Justin & Mary

Working with flash is one of those things that most photographers hate. It's not as pretty or as easy to read as natural light. Plus you have to make sure you're not making everyone dizzy with too many flashes in a dark room. And you're adding a dozen extra buttons and 6 sets of batteries into the mix. Stuff is bound to go wrong, right?

But Justin and Mary make it so simple. After the workshop, you sit back and think to yourself "Duh. How did I not understand that before?"

Now I definitely have more to learn about flash, but I am so excited for my 2014 receptions, because I am more confident in what I can do!

I didn't take any images during the teaching portion of the workshop, but I had a lot of fun shooting the sweet models that came out. Here are a few favorites of Ahren.