Big Dreams for Caitlin Gerres Photography

I don’t think I would ever classify myself as a dreamer. I think I’m a little too realistic for that. Sure, I can fill my Pinterest boards with dream wedding, dream home, and dream hair photos, but I know that’s not my life. And honestly, if I got all of those things, I know they wouldn't make me happy.

Because as much as I don’t live like it sometimes, I know THINGS don’t make people happy.

So I haven’t spent much time dreaming big for my photography business. Shoot, right now dreaming big sounds like booking a full summer of 20ish weddings and hiring the same 2nd shooter for all of them. And then finishing the season with a relaxing beach vacation. That’s what dreaming big is to me.

But I don’t think that’s really all that big. I think that’s a year or two away for me. Obviously it’s a little hard to project that, but my business is definitely headed that direction.

So let’s dream bigger. Let’s dream so big that I know there will be failure in at least some of these areas. Failure is scary. The fear of failure is why I dream small. Why I dream manageable. I beat myself up inside if I don’t accomplish the goals that I set for myself. Which is partially why my personal and business goals for 2014 are NOT measurable. (How’s that for breaking the rules!) So I don’t want to focus on these items as being goals for myself, not even big hairy audacious goals. Let’s just call them  BHADs, big hairy audacious dreams.

BHAD #1 – Have a shoot featured on Every Last Detail, one of my favorite wedding blogs.

BHAD #2 – Shoot someone’s proposal, engagement session, wedding, and maternity session.

BHAD #3 – Shoot an engagement session in NYC… at Christmas… with snow on the ground.

BHAD #4 – Attend WPPI and the Pursuit 31 Conference… in the same year.

BHAD #5 – Shoot a destination wedding in the Caribbean.