Sunshine & Raindrops

I'm back with another weekend recap! I don't want to focus on anything negative this week, so I'm just going to stick to sunshine!

The Sunshine:

- Making our own sushi! Ryan and I have made sushi once before with a friend and it was a very long evening as we waited to eat. This year we planned everything out a bit better and the results were so yummy! We're going to have to make this a monthly event!

- Having an inbox full of emails from my wonderful brides this morning. I love being involved in planning the timeline and the other details of the wedding day!

- Spending Saturday afternoon with Ryan. Time together is much more limited these days and last Saturday he was working until 3:30, so we really enjoyed having lunch and doing a little shopping together. We didn't score any great thrift store finds, but we did come home with a few little things for the house.

- Trying new craft projects! I got supplies for 3 new craft projects this week. Let's see how long it takes me to complete them!

- Watching lots of Olympics! Our favorite events from this past weekend were women's snowboard cross (lots of wipeouts!) and ice dancing. (Well, ice dancing was my favorite. Ryan bowed out of that one.)

Favorite Instagram of the week: That time I kissed a groomsman