Sunshine & Raindrops - Food, Fun, & a Lack of Instagramming

Sometimes I'm really terrible at Instagram. And I don't mean when my poor little Droid phone can't keep up with the pretty images that iPhones get. I mean when I get so wrapped up in LIFE and so excited about what I'm doing that day that I forget to document it in an interesting and artistic way for the rest of the world to feel jealous about.

And when you put it that way... I'm totally ok with having a lack of Instagram photos from this past weekend.

And since I have no cute pictures from this past weekend to show you, here's a shot from a shoot-out I did a few months ago.

The Sunshine:

- Meeting a new friend (Amanda, our model above) for coffee. I love talking shop with other photographers, but Amanda and I have a surprising number of things in common! Including the fact that we both crochet like a couple of little old ladies!

- Meeting two new photog friends for lunch on Saturday. (My social life was HOPPING this past week!)

- Officially welcoming another 2014 bride into the CGP family! That always makes my day!

- Having friends from church over for Sunday lunch. We love their new emphasis on community!

- Sunday was such a beautiful day! Ryan and I spent the afternoon wandering around First Landing State Park. I hope spring is on its way!

The Raindrops:

- Friday I had planned to meet up with another photographer to shoot head shots for our websites, but a thunderstorm quite literally rained on our parade.

- I'm always forgetting my bank password, so we had to reset it this past weekend. And would you believe it, but they have a limit on how long your password can be! How unreal (and stupid!) is that? It's hard to make your password complicated enough but still remember-able in so few characters!

- Ryan took leftover bacon pizza to work on Thursday and proceeded to leave it there, forgotten and uneaten, all weekend. Isn't that a shame? (Can we say #firstworldproblems?!?!)