Every Little Detail

I am obsessed with detail shots. I'm just going to go ahead and admit it.

The invitations that they carefully designed. The rings that were chosen to symbolize their love for each other. The gown she chose because it made her soul light up.

They're all so beautiful. Not as beautiful as my brides and grooms themselves of course, but beautiful just the same. And they deserve a little spotlight all to themselves. Because I never want my brides and grooms to forget what these items looked like. When the flowers have faded and the gown is tucked away, these photographs are the memories that they'll have to cherish.

So on the wedding day, I plan to focus at least 30 minutes on shooting some of these details before the wedding day gets started. 

I ask my brides to collect these details in the bridal suite:

-her wedding dress (and a pretty hanger)

-the invitation suite and other paper goods like programs

-her garter, veil, & shoes

-her jewelry (including all 3 rings)

-the bouquet

-any special details like her grandmother's locket, an embroidered handkerchief, etc.

Throughout the wedding day, I'll also plan time to shoot details of the ceremony and reception. These little things represent hours of careful planning and crafting, and I want to make sure they're remembered.