Choosing a Portrait Location

One of the hardest decisions to make while planning a photo session is which location to shoot at. Hampton Roads is full of amazing locations, and there are always a handful of new places that I'm dying to try out! And then of course I have my favorite locations that I want to go back to again and again.

So here are three different ways to choose a location for your engagement session:

1. Pick a sentimental location. Maybe the street you had your first date on, the place you shared your first kiss, or a beautiful section of family property. Any location chosen for sentimental reasons makes an amazing session, because it will bring back memories. And those memories will make it even easier to love on each other (not that you needed any help!)

2. Just choose someplace green. Since my focus is always on you and your love, any park or garden will be fine. So there's no pressure to find the most gorgeous, perfect location. Most of the time I blur the background a bit anyway.

3. Let's just wander. Pick a section of town that you love and we'll wander the streets a little bit. This method also gives us a lot of variety. During Keshia & Frankie's engagement session in Williamsburg, we started on campus and ended the evening wandering around Colonial Williamsburg. Sometimes not having a plan is the best idea, because you find little nooks that you just love!

Basically, it boils down to just picking a location. We can't really go wrong, because the focus will always be on you and the love that you share, not only the beautiful (or lackluster) location.