Sunshine & Raindrops ~ Vegetables, Ice Cream, & an Unhealthy Amount of Exclamation Points

The Sunshine:

- My mom's garden has finally started producing vegetables we like (aka not squash) so we can enjoy free fresh vegetables!

- Amazingly delicious fresh guacamole at El Taco Loco

- Beautiful awesomeness in the works for Caitlin Gerres Photography! (but it's a secret! shhhh!)

- We recently became the happy owners of at least a dozen free ice cream coupons, so we've been enjoying frequent Sonic breaks!

- I'm gearing up for my first wedding of the summer next weekend! It's going to be amazing!

The Raindrops:

- Someone (ok, something) is taking little bites out of my basil plant. I do not approve!

- I have absolutely no motivation to diet. This probably stems from the fact that I haven't put on a bathing suit yet this year. Which brings me to....

- Busy schedules and rainy weekends that have so far prevented us from enjoying a beach day.