Sweet Tooth ~ Strawberry Pie

For family get-togethers I'm usually the one assigned to bring dessert. And this year for memorial day I wanted to do something with strawberries.

At first I was being ridiculous and thought I would have time to make not one but three delicious strawberry desserts. Who do I think I am? Gordon Ramsey? (Masterchef Season 4 shout out!)

So I settled on making a strawberry pie. Since I'd never made one before, I went to my good friend Pinterest to see what the options were. And after checking a few out, I decided I definitely did not want a recipe that involved jello. 

And then I found this strawberry pie recipe that created the gooey yummy sauce by letting the strawberries sit in sugar and flour for twenty minutes. There. That sounds like the good old fashioned way to do it.

I'm going to let you check out the original recipe for all the juicy details. I didn't make any significant changes to the recipe, other than using my own pie crust recipe and deciding not to put a top crust on. (If you choose not to do a top crust, be sure to cover with tin foil!)

And another quick tip: Don't overfill the pie. It will bubble up a lot. I didn't exactly follow this piece of advice, so the crust got completely covered by filling and I needed a pizza sheet to keep the filling from dripping down and getting burnt.

It might not win a prize for the most beautiful strawberry pie, but it sure was delicious!

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