The Perfect Location ~ Less is More

It might sound difficult to find the perfect location, but shouldn't the subject of the image be more important than the background?

I'm not saying that you shouldn't choose a gorgeous location for your photo session. Ryan and I picked the Asian Gardens and Norfolk Waterside for our engagement pictures because it's a beautiful area.

But location certainly not something to stress over.

Take this image of Emily, for example.

It's just a random scrap of woods with a fallen tree. That's it. We chose Oak Grove Park for the photo shoot, but very few of the images included the beautiful lake. Why?

Because I wasn't there to take pictures of the lake. I was there to take portraits of Emily.

And when that is your focus, you can take something like a fallen log and some brush and create a beautiful image.

Are you ready to book a session? We won't stress about finding the perfect location, but here are some general location ideas to get you thinking.