Beach Weekend

This past weekend we loaded a suburban with far too much luggage and set off on an amazing bachelorette weekend in Rodanthe!

Can you believe I needed three bags for a 48 hour trip? And I still ended up borrowing clothes!

I left my SLR at home and actually only pulled out my point and shoot while we were at the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. The rest of the time I rocked my little camera phone. The girls were a little surprised I didn't go all "photographer" on the weekend, but I wanted it to really feel like a vacation, as short as it was. I wanted to relax and not have to worry about settings or getting the perfect angle. And it was amazing to just relax and only take a few shots for Instagram to remember the weekend by.

 The original location of the lighthouse

Did I mention it was really windy at the top?

I've been excited to embrace fall for the past few weeks, even though the official first day of fall was (ironically) over our beach weekend. But I'm not done with summer yet. Ryan and I have a tropical vacation coming up in the next few weeks! I guess I'll have to enjoy both fall and summer for a little bit longer.