Viewing and Ordering Sessions

One of my goals for my business is to create experiences for my clients. I don't want to be the photographer who shows up, snaps a few photos, and two weeks later sends you a link to your online gallery without so much as a "hey, how are you?" I want to be more personal than that. I want to treat my clients like friends.

And when you put those goals together, you get a viewing and ordering session. We'll sit down together and look at the 15-30 best images from the photo session. With hot chocolate. And music. In my home.

Then I will be able to help you choose your favorites and what products best fit your needs. I can help you decide which size prints would be best for your home and what product would be a great gift for grandma.

(More about the advantages of a viewing and ordering session)

Your viewing and ordering session will take place about 2 weeks from the date of your photo session. 

Obviously a viewing and ordering session doesn't work for everyone, like out of state customers, but overall,  it is a great way to give my clients an amazing, customized experience from the day we book a session to the day they hold their gorgeous prints in their hands.