Wedding Weekly ~ Changing Your Mind

As if planning a wedding wasn't complicated enough, brides often make it more difficult on themselves by changing their mind after a decision has been made. 

Our original invitations

We originally planned on having an hors d'oeuvres reception, because we assumed it would be cheaper per person and we could invite a few extra people. But it actually didn't turn out to be cheaper. And I decided (after we had printed the invitations) that I would prefer a plated meal since it wasn't going to be much more expensive. We had chosen a late ceremony time, so people would have time to eat a light dinner before the wedding. So when we switched to a plated meal, we wanted to move the ceremony time back up, and new invites became necessary.

And since we were reprinting the invitations anyway, we decided to go ahead and change the design a little. Ryan used part of the design from our table cloth on our new invitations.

Making changes not only makes wedding planning more stressful, but it can also cause a lot of strain on the budget. If a bride and groom rush to book a venue and then decide that it doesn't fit their theme, they will probably end up forfeiting their deposit. Fortunately, we chose not to spend a lot of money on our invitations, but it still took a lot of time to redesign and repackage them.

Revisiting something that has already been crossed off the wedding to do list is often the result of not having a cohesive vision. We'll talk about that next week and look at ways to find inspiration, which makes the planning process much easier.

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