Wedding Weekly ~ Finding Inspiration

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't know how I planned my wedding without Pinterest. It's such a great place to put together inspiration boards and keep your ideas in one place. {I love Pinterest so much that I talked about it last week!}

But I didn't have Pinterest when I was a bride. So I had to make my own inspiration boards with pictures I found. Because I'm incredibly visual, and if I couldn't picture how something was going to look, I wouldn't be confident in the decision. I was always scared that my wedding would be very mismatched and not cohesive at all.

Since I couldn't search Pinterest for my wedding ideas, I found most of my inspiration on wedding sites, like The Knot and Wedding Bee. Participating in forums and reading other bride's blogs leads to a variety of new ideas. Wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty and Green Wedding Shoes are also places that many brides find ideas and inspiration for their weddings.

Once a bride gets a vision for something specific like a tulip bouquet, searching Pinterest or Google Images will probably help her find a picture in the right color scheme for her inspiration board.

From romantic photography poses to dessert buffets, it's incredibly easy to find inspiration for your wedding. The downside? 

Almost as soon as a fresh, new idea hits the internet, it's been copied by dozens of brides. In 10 years, will we have weddings that look like they were created from the same Pinterest inspiration board? I sure hope not! Another downside to the wealth of wedding information online is that brides are bombarded with so many great wedding ideas that they have trouble choosing. (This was me!)

Collecting all your inspiration pictures into a single board is the best way to keep your ideas focused and make sure that your wedding vision is cohesive. When you put pictures of all of your wedding ideas in one place, you'll be able to see at a glance that calla lillies seem a little too formal for your casual backyard wedding or that you should find a few more ways to tie lace into your wedding day.

Happy pinning!

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