Top 15 in 2015

I know it's January 14, and that means the month is just about half over, but hopefully you're not sick of seeing recap posts from 2015, because that's what I have for you today! If you want to leave now, that's fine. I'll try my best not to be offended.

While I'm super excited to see where 2016 takes me, 2015 was a really great year, so I wanted a chance to look over it fondly one last time before shoving it aside for a bright and shiny new year. So here are my top 15 favorite things from 2015: (And be sure to read to the bottom for a few bonus items!)

1.    Attending WPPI

Attending the Wedding & Portrait Professionals International conference has been on my bucket list since I started my business. And since I'd never flown out West, I met the people who would become my business mentors, I got to see (a replica of) the Eiffel Tower, and I found two pretty new album companies, I'd say the trip was a roaring success!

2.    My brother's graduation

I am so proud of this kid! He's an official grown up now, and as he will tell you, he has paid real money for a piece of furniture. So there. Side note, no one ever said we looked alike, until I got bangs.

3.    Our 3rd Annual Girls' Weekend

This year we went to New Bern, NC, much to the surprise of just about everyone, including the hotel staff who couldn't imagine what we would do to occupy ourselves the whole weekend. (And they were right, because we had to drive an hour away for some decent shopping!) But I'd be happy just about anywhere if I could be there with these girls.

4.    Vacation in Seattle and Canada

While it may not have been the best idea to visit a place where no one has air conditioning in mid-July, I'm so glad we visited our friend in Washington before he up and moved again. And checking Canada (and a couple of Psych filming locations) off of our bucket list was pretty fun too!

5.    Attending Amy & Jordan's Two Day Wedding Workshop and later mentoring with them

These people are the bee's knees, ya'll! They've poured so much love and knowledge into me in just the year that I've known them! I can't say enough good things about them, and I wish Arizona wasn't so far away, because being photographed by them in the desert would be the best thing ever!

6.    Working with Ryan on our first wedding

There's much more to come about this soon, but I was so excited to have Ryan join me for his first CGP wedding! He's known how to use my camera almost as long as I have, but dunking him into the crazy world of wedding day was a lot of fun! Thank you Maria, Jennai, & Sean for helping to make this happen!

7.    Starting our story on the blog

Sharing the story of how Ryan and I got together has been on my to do list ever since I started blogging, but the timing didn't feel right until this year. And now I'm so thankful that I had the extra couple of years to grow as a writer before sharing it!

8.    Our Tuesdays Together groups

Meeting with other creatives once a month to talk about business and life has been such a rewarding part of this year and the beginning of so many great relationships! And since our first meeting was on my birthday, it couldn't have had a better start!

9.    Replacing the windows of our little yellow house

We’ve done a lot of home renovation this year, but the windows have made such a huge difference! The office ones are my favorite, because we have new valances and blinds too. I smile every time I look at them!

10.    Growing my list of photographer besties

It might seem weird to be friends with your ‘competition’, but it’s actually really amazing! Living life with these 4 girls this year has been so rewarding. We share our highs and lows and continually point each other back to Christ! Now if we can just get Lauren and Tianna introduced!

11.    Seeing a Chihuly exhibit, Chihuly installations in Vegas, and the Chihuly Museum in Seattle all in the same year

Chihuly speaks to me in a way that a lot of other art doesn't. There aren't a lot of pieces that I would want to sit in front of for hours, but glass is such a unique medium!

12.    Eating so much sushi

Ryan and I have been making sushi together for a couple of years now, but this year we taught my parents how and now we have it together at least once a month! We might only have 4 different rolls in our repertoire, but it is still mighty delicious!

13.    Shooting two incredible styled shoots

Styled shoots are such a wonderful creative outlet for me, but they are a lot of work, so I didn't expect to do more than one this year! I was so happy to work with Sunkissed Events and several other amazing vendors on a Tropical styled shoot just a couple months before the Heirloom Blush and Berry shoot that Hearts Content Events & Design and I put together with Letterlyn Studio!

14.    Working on our behind the scenes video

A behind the scenes video is another one of those things that has been on my to do list for a while, and this year Ryan and I decided to tackle it. I cannot WAIT to show this off to you guys! We are sooooo close to being finished!

15.    Shooting product photography for a pop up shop with the help of Pickles the cat

Product photography is a new service that I'm offering (an extension of my love of wedding day details), so I was thrilled to shoot the products that Aisle Society would be selling in their pop up shop! And having a fluffy little assistant to sniff coffee, attempt to eat confetti, and leave hair on my backdrop just made it even more adventurous!

And some fun little wedding moments:
-Jennai & Sean's dog actually looked at the camera! I was nervous about that one, but Rocky was great!
- Photographing a dance some of the guests had choreographed for the bride.
-Ravioli in a mushroom and leek butter sauce. So good! Probably the best thing I've eaten all year!
-Getting a selfie with my 2nd shooter, the couple, and my husband all in the same night. That never happens!
-Shooting a ceremony with a golf umbrella in the crook of my neck like a phone.
- A wedding reception with an 8 piece band! I wanted to stay all night! They were incredible!


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