Diana and Cade: Founder's Inn Military Wedding

Diana stood behind the glass paned doors, peaking out into the bright sunny afternoon. The brightness of the sun and the distance to the altar obscured from view the one person she was longing to see. Having arrived home from deployment only 7 days ago, the distance down the aisle was nothing compared to the ocean that had been separating them for the past few months. Each day that ticked by, each diagonal scratch through the calendar of her life had brought her closer and closer to this moment.

Cade stood at the end of the aisle, the gold buttons of his dress whites catching the sun. He looked straight ahead, at the pair of glass paned doors that separated him from her. So much time and thought and planning had gone into this day, and while he had enjoyed every minute, none of that mattered now. All that mattered was her.

And just when neither of them could take the wait any longer, the glass paned doors were opened and Diana and her father crossed the porch and stepped out into the October sunlight. Their eyes locked. Diana clutched her bouquet a little tighter and smiled through the tears forming in her eyes. Her heartbeat quickened with excitement, as if beating out the words. "I choose you. This day and forever."

And with each step she took toward him, Cade's heart resonated the unspoken words, "I choose you. This day and forever."


Founder's Inn is such a beautiful Virginia Beach wedding venue, and it's practically in my backyard, so I was thrilled when Karyn of Karyn Johnson Photography asked me to 2nd shoot for her. Thank you, Karyn! It was wonderful to work with you!

The rosary placed around both of them is such a beautiful symbol of their unity. And I especially loved how the tradition of 13 silver coins, representing love, harmony, cooperation, commitment, peace, happiness, trust, respect, caring, wisdom, joy, wholeness, and nurturing.

Diana and Cade had such a beautiful first dance. It was choreographed by a close friend who is a dance instructor, but they are so comfortable and natural together that it looked spontaneous. 

Lead Photographer: Karyn Johnson (all pictures in this post are my own)
Venue: Founder's Inn
Invitations: Paper Source

Credits to the rest of the wedding team coming soon!