Our Story: A Christmas Gift

I love a good love story. And that’s why I love nothing better than having a couple sit on my couch and tell me how their love story began. That simple question, “What’s your story?” brings smiles like no other as, in a split second, moments of their relationship pass by their eyes. The feeling of butterflies, the first kiss, the moment he knew she was the one. Hearing a couple tell their story tells you so much about who they are. So Ryan and I wanted to share our story too. From first crush to first day as Mr. & Mrs.

Part 1: When Boy Meets Girl
Part 2: Code Words & Crushes
Part 3: Class Rings & Field Trips
Part 4: A Christmas Gift
Part 5: The First Date Mistake
Part 6: Graduation Day
Part 7: Student IDs, Scantrons, & Schedules
Part 8: A Month Apart
Part 9: A Proposal
Part 10: I Now Pronounce You... Not Compatible
Part 11: Commencement
Part 12: A Lumpy Blue Couch
Part 13: Our Wedding Day


The texting continued and soon the quiet boy with the voice like a radio host was calling. I’d lay on my stomach on my bright floral bedspread with my purple flip phone to my ear and we’d chat for hours. He started making excuses to see me, and with all the extracurriculars we were both involved in, it wasn’t hard. He even offered to help me with fundraisers and senior class trip planning.

And as often as he could find an excuse to come by, I’d stand at the dining room window after school, waiting for the grayish purple station wagon to pull into the driveway, and then run out to chat with him in the cold. One day during Christmas break, he showed up with a gift. Surprised and a little embarrassed that I hadn’t gotten him anything, I ripped open the package to find a gray sweater and green tank top. I smiled as I pulled it out of the tissue paper, impressed that he had picked out something that suited me so well.

Two weeks later, I zipped a jacket over my new outfit and met my friends at the outdoor ice skating rink. He took my hand and we skated around, loop after loop. Our breath exhaled in little clouds, and our cheeks were rosy with the cold. But we didn’t mind, because it was the first day of the new year. 365 more days stretched out before us. And although our relationship wasn’t official yet, we both knew we’d be spending each of those days together.