Feature: Snowy Engagement Session on Tidewater and Tulle

I'm not a huge fan of winter. I embrace the cold weather when Christmas is coming (although we didn't get much of that in 2015), but post-Christmas, I want to skip right to spring. But if anything is going to get me in a wintry spirit, it's snow. And since yesterday's snowflakes weren't quite substantial enough, this pretty little snowy feature on Tidewater and Tulle should do the trick.

I've been wanting to do a snowy engagement session for years, so I was in my element (and as bundled as possible), while Tammy & Brent snuggled under a blanket as snowflakes fell from the sky. Their engagement session is as close as Hampton Roads ever really gets to a winter wonderland. And today, they're being featured on Tidewater and Tulle. Enjoy!