Monday Musings - Christmas & New Year's Edition

Dear Christmas Tree, You're like one big giant night light and we love it. Also, I tried to take you down the other day, but Ryan wasn't having it. I promise I'll try to get you put away before Valentine's Day rolls around.

Dear Marketing Departments, No one gets everything they want for Christmas. And that's probably the biggest First World Problem ever. So the whole "Your gifts were terrible. Go buy yourself something awesome" marketing concept is downright disgusting. Please stop encouraging Americans to be so selfish. You're killing the spirit of Christmas.

Dear Target Wrapping Paper, You are the roll that will not die. And it looks like you'll be back for year 3 in 2016!

Dear Eggnog, You're basically milk and I hate drinking milk. I'm so proud of myself for not succumbing to your tempting promise of holiday happiness this year!

Dear Department Stores, You'd better step up your game and make it easier to find presents my family would actually enjoy if you want me to do any of my shopping off-line and in-person next year.

Dear New Stocking Tradition, I know it's technically not a tradition until we do it twice, but I have to say that rushing around Dollar Tree with my arms filled with candy (no baskets allowed) while trying not to run into Ryan was really fun! And interestingly enough, we didn't buy each other any of the same things! So my concern that there wouldn't be enough variety was obviously a silly thought.

Ryan Quote of the Week: It's like mistletoe. Come kiss me under the big sock.