Our Favorite 2017 Wedding Photos

Best of 2017 Weddings.jpg

Wow... 2017. This year was so different from previous years with CGP! Ryan and I were a husband and wife photography team last year, but since I was pregnant, I felt like Ryan often got stuck with the 'pack horse' and 'go fetch' type duties. This year we could really find our groove in what it means to be a team. And I can have my favorite (but super heavy) lens back! For the first time since going full time nearly 4 years ago, I've had limited work hours. (Hello, motherhood!) There was a little more coordination involved in scheduling shoots (Thank you, Nana, for babysitting!) and wedding days meant not seeing Darcy until the next morning when I picked him up.

Because of all this transition, we took on fewer weddings this year, no double headers, and just one destination wedding. (We're so excited to be back to a full schedule in 2018!) We couldn't have asked for better couples this year! They've had the most beautiful, meaningful weddings and we've been so honored to be chosen to photograph them.

So let's raise mugs of peppermint hot chocolate and toast to an amazing 2017 wedding season, working alongside some of our favorite vendors at some of our favorite venues like the Norfolk Botanical Garden, the new Noah's in Chesapeake, and the new Historic Post Office in Hampton! Enjoy our favorite images from 2017!