Norfolk Botanical Gardens: My Favorite Wedding Venues in Hampton Roads

Choosing a wedding venue is often the first decision for a newly engaged couple after choosing their budget. Coastal Virginia is home to so many wonderful venues and today I'm sharing one of my favorites, the Norfolk Botanical Garden.

This place is so beautiful! Ryan and I have a garden membership and we take Darcy for walks and picnics all the time. Whether your guests are from out of town or local to Hampton Roads, they're going to love the gorgeous backdrop of the garden. There are 13 different outdoor locations for ceremonies! And that's not counting all the little nooks that Ryan and I find while walking around. So many beautiful spots for portraits! And since the bride and groom get golf cart escort for portrait time, we can make use of the couples' favorite spaces, even if they're tucked away in the back of the garden.

And of course, I should mention that the ladies who work at Norfolk Botanical Garden are absolutely amazing. (And I'm not getting paid to say that! We love them and visit them all the time!) They love their jobs and it shows in their work and care for clients. 

The Norfolk Botanical Garden has a couple of smaller package options, but our brides have always chosen either the American Azalea Collection or the Renaissance Rose Collection. These collections include the larger locations that are signatures of NBG.

The American Azalea collection includes three ceremony options: the Butterfly Garden, Wildflower Meadow, or Perennial Garden with a cocktail hour in the Perennial Garden or Baker Hall Terrace.

Baker Hall is such a beautiful reception space! It really doesn't need any decoration, because the architecture is so stunning all by itself! I loved how Chris & Kelley had their bar out on the terrace so their guests could enjoy the beautiful weather outside all night long!

My favorite collection is the Renaissance Rose, which includes use of the beautiful bridal suite, and the choice of Renaissance Court, Statuary Vista, or the Rose Garden for the ceremony. And they're all so stunning, I don't know what I would choose! (That's not true. The Renaissance Court has my heart! I love it so much that we took our 5 year anniversary portraits there!)

Ryan and I are preferred vendors of this gorgeous venue, and we could shoot there every single weekend and still find gorgeous locations for portraits! And we're dying to do a tented reception in either the Renaissance Court or the Wildflower Meadow! All that to say, if you are getting married at the Norfolk Botanical Garden, we would LOVE to hear from you! 


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