Monday Musings

Dear Greek Yogurt, I may have judged you too soon. Original is definitely too much for me, but vanilla with a bit of honey and granola is pretty good! I can't even taste your greek-ness anymore!

Dear Once Upon A Time, I promise, we will start watching you again soon. But I have a feeling your dramatic music and secretive threatening whispers is just too much of a dynamic range for us to watch when Darcy is in bed. (No spoilers! We're still on season one!)

Dear Hampton Roads Wedding Planner Magazine, Have you noticed that you're all over my Instagram feed these days? I just might be a little obsessed.

Dear Crystal Clear & Mayapalooza, I. CANNOT. WAIT! (Get tickets here - you don't want to miss this show!)


Ryan Quotes of the Week:

Why is your self-worth tied to oatmeal?

It's like furry concrete.