My New Headshots

"You look just like your picture!" I've been hearing that a lot lately from bridesmaids and parents when I show up on the wedding day. And I love that! Because I want my couples and their friends and family to feel like they know me before I even show up on the wedding day so they can be themselves in front of the camera.

But one thing that didn't look just like the pictures online was my camera. Last May I purchased a beautiful new camera before my first wedding of the year and I hadn't gotten updated headshots. My poor camera!

I know that probably sounds really stupid, but all the pictures of me holding a camera were this cute little baby camera, but I show up on the wedding day with a hefty camera and a big fat lens. And I thought it was high time that we have pictures together. (For anyone who's wondering, I do not name my cameras. My car is the only object that gets that distinction.)

Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from the ones that Tianna of T. Y. Photography snapped of me a few weeks ago when we were shooting at BayVue. (And now I suppose my yearly obligation of being in front of the camera is done at least until Christmas.)

Wondering if I'm available for your wedding date? Send me a little note here! I'd love to chat with you!

And check back tomorrow morning to see the Burberry stylized shoot!