Sunshine & Raindrops - Sushi, Sand, and an Office in Shambles

Some recent sunshine:

- We had a little beach date night Friday night and found the perfect shell for the hermit crabs in our fish tank.

- We're coming up on 1 year in our little yellow house next week, so we're trying to cram as many house projects in before then so we can take a new set of pictures and admire how much different it looks! So this weekend we painted my office gray and Ryan put the 2nd coat of white refinish stuff on our shower. Now if we can just get both rooms finished in the next 2 weeks!

 - We had friends over for sushi again on Saturday. And this time we tempura fried a few rolls (and some cucumber pieces)! Unfortunately none of the nearby stores had sashimi grade fish available, so we had just had crab and veggies to work with. But it was still delicious and a fun evening!

Favorite instagram of the week: I've been planning to add a fabric-covered corkboard to my office for so long. And we finally finished it!

Biggest accomplishment of the week: Since we're right in the middle of my busy season (who would have guessed I'd have the most weddings in August), last week was a nice mix of culling, prepping, and meetings. Keeping all of that straight and not feeling stressed by it was my biggest accomplishment.

Goals for Week:

- Get the 2nd coat of paint on my office, so we can put the furniture back against the walls. It's a little crazy in here right now!

- Order a new sample album from Whitney & Brandon's wedding

- Finalize the rental pieces and the color palette for the Thanksgiving stylized shoot

- Edit Marissa & Adrian's wedding