Coffee with Caitlin: Lindsay & Nadine from Snapqube

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Choosing wedding vendors who fit the style and budget of your wedding day can be difficult, but getting to know the people behind the business often makes that decision much easier. In this series, Coffee with Caitlin, I want to introduce some of my favorite wedding vendor friends… or friendors as we call them.

Today’s interview is with Lindsay and Nadine, the lovely ladies behind Snapqube. Snapqube is a sleek, modern photo booth that makes an amazing party favor for wedding guests! The monitor on the outside of the photo booth plays a rotating slideshow of pictures from the event and a Snapqube employee is on site during the event to put together your keepsake album. (A duplicate of each photo booth strip is added to an album so the bride and groom get all the photos too!) Two other awesome things about Snapqube… the booths are handicap accessible and they now offer open air photo booths, so you can fit even more friends into the photos! I love a wedding photo booth and the ladies from Snapqube are the best in the biz!

What’s in your coffee cup/mug this morning? 
Lindsay: Orange Juice! I’m not a coffee drinker. Sometimes I wish I was though.
Nadine: Surprisingly, I’m not a fan of coffee, but between the hustle and bustle of two jobs and going to school full time I may have to force myself to start drinking it just for the energy!

How did you get started in the wedding industry? 
Lindsay: I went to my best friend’s wedding in Florida and they had a photo booth.  I had never seen one at a wedding and thought it was so much fun and a great concept. So when I got home, my best friend Amber and I decided to go for it and start SnapQube!
Nadine: One of my nearest and dearest friends who works in the wedding industry (the lovely Rebecca Norfleet at Waterford Event Rentals) mentioned that Lindsay was looking for some more employees. So I took the opportunity and called her up, and here we are two years later! 

What is one thing you wish brides knew about photo booths? 
Lindsay: They really bring the fun to the party!!!  Between the event CD and the scrapbook, it captures all the silly and fun moments the guests are having. I still look back at my scrapbook from my wedding and just laugh…laugh…laugh!
Nadine: That they really are worth it! If it’s in the budget, go for it! You will not be disappointed! 

If you could give brides one piece of advice about their wedding reception, what would it be? 
Lindsay: Take a deep breath and take it all in. It goes by so fast!!  
Nadine: Enjoy it! It is supposed to be the best night of your life! 

What was a favorite detail you saw at a wedding this past year? 
Lindsay: I noticed that couples started doing private last dances at the end of the night. All the guests leave, and the dj plays one last song for the newly married couple, and I think it is something everyone should start doing. It’s so romantic.
Nadine: I love when people have calligraphy incorporated in their wedding day. Whether it’s used on their invitations, the menu, or on a chalkboard for a cute sign, it’s a detail that I always love seeing! 

What is your favorite thing to see in a photo booth during the wedding reception?
Lindsay: I love seeing the bride and groom have fun and relax after the stress of their big day! I also love seeing how every person is different when dressing up for the photo booth. 
Nadine: The bride and the groom! When they get into the booth you see them instantly relax and let loose together. It’s seriously the cutest thing to witness, and the pictures are always priceless.

What are your favorite props? 
Lindsay: Our wedding signs!  We have a variety of different signs depending on the occasion. They are so much fun!!
Nadine: Masks! They add just enough flare to your photo without being too over the top. We have this one mask that is completely mirrored. It looks like a disco ball on your face!

Do you ever dream about weddings or photo booths? 
Lindsay: Sometimes!
Nadine: Yes! I sometimes catch myself watching our brides and grooms in photo booth together being so mushy-gushy and so in love and daydream about the day that will be me. 

What is something your company is known for that sets you apart from others? 
Lindsay: Our modern photo booths are one of a kind. We just started doing open air booths as well, and our guests get to choose the backdrop they’d like! The quality of our pictures is amazing. And we take pride in our customer service.
Nadine: We strive to make sure our clients are happy from the second they call/email us with a quote, all the way to when we are breaking down after they made their big exit as a newly married couple. 


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