Our Nursery Reveal

It's been a while since we shared a new space in #ourlittleyellowhouseinva, but today's nursery reveal is probably the one I've been the most excited about.

Remember back when our spare room looked like this? (Also.... how tiny is my little 13 week belly?)

Well, now it looks like this!

Choosing a nursery theme came pretty easily for us. We wanted a mermaid theme for a girl and an under the sea theme for a boy. The first step was choosing quilt fabric and everything else unfolded from that.

We wanted a room that didn't scream 'BABY,' so we kept things pretty neutral. And if in 3 years, the little guy decides he hates all things under the sea (which would be very sad) and wants a fire truck room instead, we won't have to start from scratch again. Because that's the hard part for me.

I love the little bookshelves that Ryan built and can't wait until we're reading bedtime stories!! I can't stop buying board books!

All the furniture in this room is (or will shortly be) bolted down, because you never know what kiddos are going to try to climb on. And we velcroed the art to the wall, so when he's big enough to sit up on the changing table, he won't be able to pull the frames down on his head. (And we'll be fixing that cord soon too!)

Coral that used to be in our fish tank, an art print from a sweet friend, and a little message in a bottle from Mama. And you can't see it well, but the shelf bracket is in the shape of an octopus too.

How cute is the little octopus door knob on the closet? That was actually one of the first things we purchased!

Song prints from Chickadee Art and Company. Dresser from IKEA. And that adorable little turtle is a nightlight/noise machine. So cute!

I'm not going to lie. I really thought I'd be sharing a completely decorated nursery at the beginning of October. I'm an overly-ambitious person and I like to have things done WAY ahead of time. Naturally, that did not happen. (And cutting back my expectations is something that I'll get to work on a lot after the baby is here.) But it's done now. And I love it.

And #littlebabytugboat will be here in a month!!!