Leaving Our Little Yellow House

If you follow along on Instagram, you've likely seen the news that we're selling #ourlittleyellowhouseinva. We wanted to move sometime this year, and everything accelerated so quickly. I'd forgotten how much house hunting consumes your entire schedule! We finished up our house projects, listed our house at the end of March, and it sold in 24 hours. And this Friday, we hand over the keys.

We've changed so much about the house that we never shared, so I wanted to give you a little tour.

We took off the shutters and the storm door, painted the trim white, and installed taller and wider windows. And in the backyard, we moved the shed and built a deck. I also think it's funny to see how ginormous our Bradford Pear tree was and how much the evergreen tree grew over the last 4.5 years! It was so tiny when we moved in that we almost dug it up!

The living room went through more stages than any of the other rooms. It started out peach. We painted it gray, put down laminate floors (and then tile floors after our hot water heater broke), and moved the TV three times! 

Our dining area changed a bit too. We moved the china hutch in and out of the room a couple times. It's our favorite piece of furniture but it really crowded that area!

And for fun... I wanted to include some of our listing photos so you can see our house in an unrealistic not-very-lived-in condition. Look how empty our downstairs is! It felt like I removed half of the room before we took pictures!


Oh the kitchen! I blocked the original kitchen with it's sticky cabinets and broken appliances from my mind as soon as we ripped it out! It was one of our first projects, and I'm going to miss all that pretty granite when we move!


Please take a moment to appreciate the sink and pedestal that don't go together, the horrible light/mirror/medicine cabinet combo, and the wooden outlet covers! The bathrooms are unrecognizable, even though we only replaced one of the toilets.

When we moved in, our master bedroom was yellow, had no overhead lighting, and an off-center front window. We painted the walls blue, added a ceiling fan, and expanded the window to a double. Then we build a bed frame, upholstered a headboard, and bought white bedding (which is usually covered in cat hair!)

Two Year House Tour-121_WEB.jpg
Three Years.The Nusery-109_WEB.jpg

Darcy's room started out as a junk room when we first moved in, so there aren't really great before and afters to share, but the two left images are how we had the room before Darcy was born, then how it looked last fall, and the bottom right is how I staged it. Very neutral and almost completely free of toys. Because that's real life with a toddler. ;-)

Four Year House Tour-125_WEB-1.jpg

The office has also changed quite a bit. Originally, I had meetings at the house, so we had one of our couches upstairs. Then we put our guest bed in there for a little while, before we moved some things around and needed the space to store other things.

We put a lot of 'sweat equity' into this house and we're excited to have a good down payment for our new home. But it's bittersweet to leave this house. While it's not the first place we lived together, it's the first home we purchased and the first place we were able to really personalize. This is where I built my wedding business. We found our cat in the driveway of this house. We taught friends to make sushi in the kitchen. We brought Darcy home from the hospital to the sweet little room we prepared for him. My mom sat in the living room, holding her grandson every morning so I could sleep. We celebrated Granddad's last Christmas in this house. Darcy took his first steps in the hallway. We hung a swing for Darcy from the tree and watched ducks and geese in the creek together.

Our new house will have a lot of beautiful memories too. Hopefully even more than the 4 1/2 years worth we've had here. We love you, little yellow house!