Stephanie & Jonathan - Spring Engagement Session in Norfolk

It was almost crazy to think that Stephanie and Jonathan had never met. They had each only lived in Norfolk for a few months, but their apartments were just blocks from each other. They walked the same streets. They frequented the same coffee shop. And yet, their first introduction was on

Their first date was at Cure, the coffee shop just blocks away. As it happened, they walked up the sidewalk at almost the same time, and he held the door for her to enter. He carried a book. They took seats across the room from each other and it took them a few moments (and some stealthy profile photo checking) before they started chatting.

From there, any awkwardness immediately fell away. They talked about anything and everything. And from that point, as Stephanie says, they were two peas in a pod.

You'll be seeing these two again very soon! We're kicking off our 2018 wedding season with their brunch wedding at Fort Monroe in just a few weeks!