Monday Musings

Monday Musings - White.jpg

Dear Recipes, If you call for an entire package of cream cheese and you are not a party dip or a cheesecake, you can be sure that I will not ever make you!

Dear Instagram Stories, I think you're making our feeds even more curated and inauthentic... We're pretty far from 'insta' these days... just saying.

Dear Almonds, You're alright in slivers or chocolate covered, but all by yourself, you're just not good. Not even a flavor dusting is good enough.

Dear Sand, Rolled up pant legs are not an invitation to hitchhike home with me. I have no use for you.

Dear Gift Bags, Enter our house at your own risk. We have a cat and she will pounce the moment you let your guard down.



Ryan's Quote of the Week: 
Does it look like I have scissor hands?