Emma & Tyler - Downtown Norfolk Engagement Session

They had been texting for a few weeks now, and Tyler was nervous as he walked from his car to The Hot Chocolatier, the place that Emma had suggested for their first date. He clasped and unclasped his hands, shoving them in his pockets and then taking them out again.

Emma stood on the sidewalk outside the dessert shop, glancing at her watch every 30 seconds. It was two minutes past the meeting time Tyler had chosen. She started to wonder if he was coming at all. And then she saw him.

He looked up from the sidewalk as he turned the corner. There she was. His nerves were gone in an instant. All he felt was peace. And joy. And he knew that he was about to have hot chocolate with the woman he was going to marry.

They both chose the s’mores hot chocolate from the menu, and it was served piping hot with a homemade square of marshmallow floating in the frothy center. As the conversation flowed, they lost all concept of time, in spite of the bustle of the shop around them. 

Their mugs were emptied, and still they sat and talked. One by one, chairs scraped against the concrete floor as they were tucked in to their tables. The counter was wiped clean. The cash drawer was opened for counting. Only then did Emma and Tyler pause their conversation long enough to push back their chairs and leave.

He asked for a second date before she’d even pulled into her driveway.

Emma & Tyler live in Chattanooga, TN, but they chose to have a destination wedding here in Virginia Beach at her family's beach house in Sandbridge. So when they came to town for their wedding, we met up for their engagement session, after a day of finalizing wedding details.

You only have to spend about 5 minutes with Emma & Tyler to see why they are perfect for each other. They never stop smiling at each other and they're always making each other laugh!

Enjoy their engagement session images, and if you didn't see their wedding blog post last week, head over there next!

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