Julia & Tyler - Virginia Beach Engagement Session

The brick turned to gravel and the gravel turned to sand. She looked up as they walked, admiring the beauty of the building's design. He nervously told her every detail of the wind turbines' mechanics. They wandered down to the edge of the water and he turned to her, took both of her hands in his, and knelt in the sand.

Nearly 5 months later, as the last rays of gold lit up the tree line, they held hands, weaving their way through the tall grass towards the water's edge. To their spot. The place where last December, he had asked and she had said yes.

Francis Land House Engagement Session Virginia Beach-117.jpg
Francis Land House Engagement Session Virginia Beach-110.jpg

We started the engagement session at the Francis Land House and then drove to Pleasure House Point where Julia & Tyler got engaged just as the sun was setting. Talk about a perfect engagement session!

Julia & Tyler, Ryan and I are so excited for your wedding day! You picked such a great weekend to get married (we almost share an anniversary)! We'll see you in July!