Life Right Now - Darcy 6 Months

I started the Life Right Now series to help me remember some of the little moments of our lives. The kinds of things that don't even make it to Instagram (because we all know there's a LOT that doesn't make it to Instagram!) The kinds of things that would slip through the cracks of our memories if we didn't record them. The kinds of things that I never want to forget, no matter how small they might seem.

Life right now is feeding Darcy new baby foods and being surprised that he likes green beans so much. He gobbles them up!

Life right now is laying on the blanket next to him and watching in amazement at everything he does. And wondering how much longer it's going to be before he's crawling everywhere.

Life right now is balancing engagement sessions and evening yoga classes with quiet nights at home.

Life right now is snuggling Darcy close while he winds down before every nap, because it's the only time he wants to be still.

Life right now is leaving our sweet little boy in nursery and then being distracted through the entire service because I can't stop thinking about him.

Life right now is ordering just about everything on Amazon Prime because we don't have time to go anywhere but the grocery store.

Life right now is attacking Darcy's little cheeks with kisses because it makes him laugh.

Life right now is wanting to give my baby an unplugged childhood, but struggling with unplugging as a mama.